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Submission Guidelines


Please keep all submissions comics related! That would be any comic/manga character, including original comic characters.

If the character/piece is not a well-known character or if the subject is not an obvious comic character, state the character's name and the book it is from--you may help garner interest if you do so AND increase your chances of getting your submission approved.

Do consider working on sequential pages. If you are serious about working as a colorist, you must be able to color sequential work. Sequential work, regardless of subject, (no nudity!) will be quicker to be approved than pinups pages.

1. For each colored submission always note the artist (or artists) that did the pencils and inks. If unsure, please state so and where the lineart was obtained. Please do not include the lineart in your piece, submit the colors only.

2. No offensive submissions (nothing discriminatory, nothing obscene, etc). If you have to question it, then don't submit it.

3. NO PLAGIARISM! If ANY part of a submission appears to be a blatant copy and paste from another artist's work you will be banned from the group. If suspected, there will be a discussion amongst the administrators and you may be notified to give proof of your own work.

4. Using coloring book pages as lineart is acceptable as long as proper credit is given (example: "this is from a disney coloring book")

5. No nasty behavior. Any decision made by the admins is final. Backlash to a decision made by the admins can result in being removed.

6. As the Comics-Colorist-Club we accept examples of coloring - if your submission is something you've drawn AND colored, that would be more of an illustration, and so not right for the group. If you wish to submit your non-colored drawings you may do so to the "Practice Linework" folder.

This group is intended as a "people helping people" group.

If you are submitting color work for critique, you do so with the understanding that people will give you tips that will hopefully help you to become a better artist. You do not have to use the mentioned tips, but you need to willing to accept them as advice from people who want to help you. If you are not willing to accept advice from other people, do not join the group. Negative commenting on other people's work intended as "backlash" to a helpful comment given by another deviant will not be tolerated, and can result in being banned and having your submissions removed.

If you are to comment on someone's work, refrain from negative comments. If you have suggestions that could help the artist (like "you may want to try this color to bring this section out more"), by all means make the suggestion. If you want to mention that something is not working in the piece color-wise, be prepared to give a suggestion as to how the artist may be able to fix it. Remarks such as "I don't like it", "Why did you do that?" or "This sucks" are not helpful to the artist and contribute to a negative environment. Comments like this will be removed, any submissions removed, and you will be banned.

Be watchful of cursing. Again, this is to be a helpful environment, and cursing tends to lead to a hostile situation. Any comments that become hostile due to this will cause the deviants to be banned, have any submissions removed, and removal of comments.


If you would like to be a contributor/donator of lineart, it is preferred that you are a professional in the field--you are more apt to give better feedback than someone who is not. Quality of lineart will be a deciding factor. Please just drop a note about your background in your join request.

To be a normal member as a colorist, just apply as a member, tell us you color and you are in!

To be a normal member and a donator of line art, tell us you are a donator of line art and apply as a member and you are in!

Also if you are a writer who needs colorists, then feel free to join as a member as well.


If you are a full-time professional colorist, apply as a Professional instead of Member. If you have applied as a member by mistake, let an admin know and we will correct.
If you intend to apply as a Professional please include your experience, the company or companies that you work for, if you do this part time or full time, and what you are willing to contribute to the group in terms of helping other members, tutorials, etc.
If this is not included in the request, the request will be denied.
This position requires you to have your main source of income/main profession is/as a colorist (full-time) and you are working for the larger companies.


Try to assess yourself best you can about which category to submit to. If one of the admins feels you have put yourself in the wrong category, they have the right to move you. Please do not be offended--this is not a demotion or a promotion system, it is a learning system broken down to show where we all are.

This section is reserved for Admin use only. Any submission to Featured will be denied without notice.
If you have a piece that you are absolutely proud of (or know of a piece by someone piece that just rocks), feel free to suggest that piece to the admins for consideration via a note. You may never know, one of the admins may feel the same and you may get featured!

Rather obvious--submit to here if you are someone just starting. Also be willing to accept critiques and advice--that is what the club is for, after all!

You are no longer a beginner, but you just haven't quite gotten to that level of "advanced". You are showing that you have a grasp on various coloring aspects, but you know you still have some learning to do. As with BEGINNER, be willing to accept critiques and advice.

You have some top-notch work there! Also reserved for pros who want to post work that isn't published work. Critiques and advice are allowed.

Reserved for published work through smaller or lesser known publishers. Not for commissioned work.

Reserved for published work through the larger companies, i.e. work most easily seen by the masses. Critiques and advice are discouraged--after all, the work is done! Oohs and ahhhs are allowed. ;)
As with Small Press, this is not meant for commissioned work.

Stuck on a project and need a fresh set of eyes for suggestions/guidance? Really want to know if that color you picked makes a difference? Submit your piece here so others will know you are looking for direction.
Advance and Pro users--we highly ask of you to occassionally peruse this area and stop to give advice. A simple suggestion or nudge in a general direction is a sure-fire way to help beginning/intermediate users to expand on their work.

Lineart made available for practice use by colorists in training. Lineart can only be donated by the original artist(s). Lineart submitted by someone else will be denied or removed.

We do ask that submissions be limited to one piece a day, with a max of five per week. We also ask that your best work be submitted. Please, no side-by-side submissions with uncolored lineart, we want to focus on the final colored product. This group is intended as a showcase and a way of people learning new tricks and techniques. Admins have the right of rejecting submissions from a user over-submits.

Remember, this is a place where we as colorists can share our work and learn from one another.

In short....
Credit the artist who drew what you colored.
No plagiarism.
And be nice.


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January: New Years Wish
deviation in storage by DStPierre
March April Gods Goddesses


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Colorists Looking to Color!

This is a listing of colorists available for commissions. You must contact the deviant to verify that he/she is available. Rates/quality/etc are subject to the deviant in question and are not the responsibility of Comic-Colorist-Club.

If you want to listed in this area, please send a note to the group. Also note if you are available for paid work, unpaid work, or both, AND include a max of 2 thumbnails of your BEST work (preferably at least one sequential page). Requests without thumbnails will be ignored!

:below:paid work:below:
Begin at the Beginning... by ThePrincessNightmare 4 sequential pages by ThePrincessNightmare

:below:paid work:below:
Demigods Cover by angieness David Verril Colors by angieness

:below:paid work:below:
RCI20P08 Color by blademanunitpi Thanks for over 20K Views by blademanunitpi

:below:paid work:below:
Harry Potter by miketheartist ...To Boldly Go by miketheartist

:below:paid work (pin-ups only):below:
Gladiator by Tim Vigil by artmunki Color battle 02 by artmunki

:below:paid work:below:
Tetsuo Colored by PsychoMunkee The Mighty Thor - Colored by PsychoMunkee

:below:paid work:below:
Poison Ivy by MiaCabrera by elhoyonegro Venom by elhoyonegro

:below:paid work:below:
Hey look, I'm a colorist - 4 by x-Nekopunch-x Hey look, I'm a colorist - 2 by x-Nekopunch-x

:below:paid work:below:
Batman by AlonsoEspinoza Avenging Spiderman Promo by AlonsoEspinoza

:below:paid work:below:
Happy Halloween by Fatboy73 Aliens by Fatboy73

:below:paid work:below:
Marcio Abreu's Shanna - Colors by TracyWong Dan Oliveira's Rabbit - Colors by TracyWong

:below:paid work:below:
Velocity(redux) by Eddy-Swansoul fire 6 pg 11 by Eddy-Swan

:below:paid work:below:
Nanotech Pg5 by SSJMihoshiAHM 5 Cover by SSJMihoshi

:below:paid work:below:
colouration - aisaka taiga by Deedolit Lillys by Deedolit

:below:paid work:below:
Color Sample v2.0 by rcardoso by rcardoso530 ultimatum cover by david finch by rcardoso530

:below:paid work:below:
:thumb262864212: :thumb262863530:

:below:paid work:below:
ActionForce Final Battle P02 by stourangeau G.I.Joe Battlespace Brothers by stourangeau

:below:paid work:below:
witchblade and the darkness by faroldjo Daughters of the Shadow p1 by faroldjo

:below:paid work:below:
:thumb207540451: :thumb203956239:

:below:paid work:below:
:thumb278167080: :thumb282936230:

:below:paid work:below:
Disney Scouts Batch 3 by TwoTigerMoon

:below:paid work:below:
Black Dog Issue 2 page 4 by RSB13 Againse the World cover 2 by RSB13

:below:paid work:below:
The Dark Age -- Page 1 by SMachajewski Stark City Limits - Page 4 by SMachajewski

:below:paid work:below:
Red Monika by K-Bol Death by K-Bol

:below:paid work:below:
(Not a) Hero #14: Harley Quinn by KHAN-04 Hero #10: Superboy by KHAN-04

:below:paid work:below:
Gambit by Rahmat M Handoko by h4125 Batman - Spawn by Rahmat M Handoko by h4125

All submissions are subject to vote by multiple moderators before being accepted into the group gallery. If your image gets declined without an explanation, please feel free to ask us or to request a reason. Some of the admins will leave an explanation, explanations are encouraged - but some admins are too busy to or some forget. So if for some reason your image gets declined and you would like to know why, please feel free to ask and we'll do our best to explain as to why it was voted on the way it was. And as always, we're happy to leave critique and feedback upon request.

Thanks for all the great submissions - we look forward to seeing your new work!

Happy Coloring!
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yoruichifan122 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2015
Looking for a good artist to collaborate with on a major

fan comic idea i would love to see done. looking for people who can capture action sequences as well as drama. 

All i can say at this point without posting the entire outline is that it involves selina kyle and gotham city 

if you are interested please email me at or look for animejunkie25 on skype.
Marvelzukas Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2015  Student General Artist
Hope you can support and share it with friends!…
Jakub-Rejlich Featured By Owner Edited Jan 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Currently looking for a digital colorist/Lineartist/inker for an online graphic novel..
All the details are here. Currently the offer stands at 60Usd Ppg
Applications close Friday.…
WackyMonkeys Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2015
Hey, I'm HIRING: I'm looking for a comic colorist for my weekly webcomic Wacky Monkeys:

I have budgeted $30 per page. Every week I will send you a new inked page to color. Some will be splash pages, but mostly sequencials.

Check out my site and let me know if this is something you are interested in doing. Please note, there are some pencilled pages on my site but you will color an inked page.

You can contact me with a link to your portfolio at:

Joseph DR
darkernite Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015
Hi guy's, I'm a published comics writer, who is putting together a pitch for a superhero/serial killer comic. I have someone penciling and inking and now need someone else to colour and letter. This would be a back end deal with you getting 10% of profits, essentally making you a partner in the comic. If interested please email on or message me here.

tenshiflyers Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi every body!
I'm not a colorist (digital one), and I'm looking for someone whose can color (for fun or pratice,because i don't earn money as i returned to school), ones of my draws. I would be honored if someone could accept my request!!  
Thanks so much!
JURIJ-ZITEK Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for accepting me into the group!
jkrolak Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer

Christmas Ornaments by KmyGraphic:iconclearspaceplz::iconclearspaceplz::iconclearspaceplz::iconclearspaceplz::iconclearspaceplz::iconclearspaceplz::iconclearspaceplz:Christmas Ornament by KmyGraphic

:iconclearplz::iconclearplz::iconclearplz::iconclearplz::iconclearplz:Wishing... by KmyGraphic

Christmas Ornament by KmyGraphic:iconclearspaceplz::iconclearspaceplz::iconclearspaceplz::iconclearspaceplz::iconclearspaceplz::iconclearspaceplz::iconclearspaceplz:Christmas Ornaments by KmyGraphic

JBUGstudios Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hey. I'm looking for beginner/intermediate colorist work. I will give a sample if needed let me know if you want me for a job.
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